Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Town That You Live In.

 The weather has been really nice, and its actually getting warmer in England.. I was thinking what I actually have done this week. I went to see Black Swan with my friend Monika(finally!), and I have to say it was such a weird film. Though Natalie Portman was absolutely stunning. Oh, I really want to go on a picnic. Hopefully next week sometime. Just fingers crossed it wont rain.


  1. These are wonderful pictures, i loved Black Swan, though it was so weird.

  2. Eeee I had no idea you had a blog! yayyyy ^_^ Lovely pictures. xo

  3. love ur outfit and your photography.
    took a follow

  4. @stacey margaret; thank you very much :) yea it was one of the weirdest film ive ever seen.

    @Monika; yeaa! thank you hun :)

    @mariana thank you sweetie :)

    @Karla C. thank you very much!