Sunday, February 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland, Again.

Coat; French Connection
Shirt; Vintage
Skirt; Urban Outfitters
Belt; Dorothy Perkins
Bag; Stella McCartney
Boots; Clarks
 Hat; Topshop
Ring; Vintage

I cant believe its snowing again. I keep forgetting how selfish english weather is. Josh and I went to York outlet yesterday with in laws. Only spent a couple of hours there as it seemed like I was the only one who actually wanted to shop. (not good, not good.) Picked some basic clothes from Calvin Klein, and French Connection. I will post pictures on my next blog. I have to say Im not really a type of person following trend all the time, or I never buy anything original price. (sounds very poor.) Ive been wearing these pair of Clarks boots for a few months, I bought off ebay outlet shop, spent only 6pounds. and I absolutely love them! Whats your favorite piece of clothes/shoes at the moment? I need inspiration.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Town That You Live In.

 The weather has been really nice, and its actually getting warmer in England.. I was thinking what I actually have done this week. I went to see Black Swan with my friend Monika(finally!), and I have to say it was such a weird film. Though Natalie Portman was absolutely stunning. Oh, I really want to go on a picnic. Hopefully next week sometime. Just fingers crossed it wont rain.


I received a package a couple days ago, was from my mum. She sent me loads of Japanese food&sweets. Oh, and toys. I was a little disappointed that she forgot to send my grandmas homemade Yuzu jam. Though Im lucky to have such amazing mum.

Starting Over.

After leaving my blog for a few months (&totally forgotten about it), I decided to start over again. HELLO!